About Me

So you’re here – but should you have come? Well, read and find out! And, you know, that’s what I said to myself when I touched down in Munich about seven months ago where I now live.  And I still don’t know the answer to that question.  I was minding my own business in Aberdeen, Scotland, for twenty four years of my life, blithely unconcerned with more or less everything, before I met Amore Mio.  Thereafter my life was turned upside-down, we moved in together after a six month romance, and then in March of 2018 she found work in Munich (or, as the Italians weirdly called it, ‘Monaco di Baviera’…) and she vanished without a trace.  I gave pursuit in order to seek recompense for bills owed to Aberdeen City Council which I felt were our joint-responsibility, and so, here I am. I love to write and I therefore felt obliged to stash my thoughts online in a cyberhole – the one you have now tumbled into.  There is no way out, I’m afraid, only the way forward.  Here you have access to various things: my random musings on Munich, which may broadly be described as travel writing, given that it is writing and I have travelled; my broader creative work like short stories, poetry and essays; and a link to my Instagram page and Twitter, such as they are.  So – read!  Read and enjoy.